Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back to Deer Hollow Farm

Let me just start off by saying I almost got nothing done over the weekend. On Friday night I picked up a copy of Destiny for Xbox One  and ... thumbnail 1 summary
Let me just start off by saying I almost got nothing done over the weekend. On Friday night I picked up a copy of Destiny for Xbox One and that is where my weekend got sucked into! I'll diffidently be adding my character info and hints I find along the way on random posts. But for today let's focus on BEING PHYSICAL! I decided not to use the hiking apps this time, and because I brought my Gear with me this time I was able to track everything through my watch!

I love being outdoors because I am someone who is constantly surrounded by technology so it's nice to get a break  and change of scenery.. I have my Xbox one with my TV snapped-on so I can still enjoy my shows while playing. I have my smart phone with me at almost all times even at work in case of an emergency. If my phone isn't immediately on me I am still at a close enough distance that my Gear 2 will still catch my notifications. My phone immediately hooks up to my car as soon as it's started and it's within a close enough distance. I just sync up to everything! If I'm not on my laptop I'm online either on my Galaxy S4 or my iPad Mini. So it's nice to get away and enjoy views like these!

Hills 2

My Gear 2 to was able to track: Type of Activity, Start Time, Duration, Distance, Calories Burned, Max Altitude, Avg. Heart Rate, and Maximum Heart Rate. In order to get accurate information you do need to have GPS turned on from your phone. All of this information was synced to my 'Fitness With Gear' Application. This keeps track of all my sleeping habits (which I need to start using again) as well as heart rate, workouts, and all that good stuff!

We went back to Deer Hollow Farm and saw a lot forest friends this past Saturday. We decided to take a different route just to spice it up. We ended up reaching the end a lot sooner than anticipated and had to turn around. We came down to this residential street that led to all these busy streets. Not what we expected to find at the end of our hike. Because it was cut short we only did 2 miles instead of our usual 3. About half way through our hike we're given choice to continue down the path that (and I kid you not) 15-20 people who all seemed to be related / grouped went down, or the path that none of them took. Naturally I decided, let's take the less traveled path yes? Well that path lead to these guys!

Deer 5

I'm glad we took it, there were 3 of them that I managed to follow up until they went in this creek area, and I could have followed them but at that point decided I've bothered them enough. Before making it to the split road we saw soooo many squirrels! It seems that they are used to having people walk around because they did not get frightened when we walked near them. That makes me happy because seems that animal abuse /issues have not become a big enough problem that a person walking by them would cause them to run away.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!