Thursday, September 25, 2014

My games of the week

Check out albums for screen shots of game play Pocket Legends (Free)       Google Play       iTunes       Chrome Web Stor... thumbnail 1 summary
Check out albums for screen shots of game play

Pocket Legends (Free)

     Google Play
     Chrome Web Store
     Developer: Spacetime Studios, LLC
     Size: 13M / 19.4 MB (Requires additional download)
     Android: 2.2 or later 
     iOS: 4.3 or later

     Pocket Legends is a fun 3D MMO for both android and iOs devices. You get to play different types of maps with anywhere from 2-5 players at the same time.  There's about 200+ different quests that require you to: kill certain mobs, collect items, and locate npc for quests. If you get bored of the quests or complete them all you can always PvP and improve your kill/death ratio. There's other types of PvP like Arena PvP  which involves two teams (red / blue) of 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5 and Capture the flag PvP which also involves two teams with the goal of capturing the flag without being killed for points.  You get to play through 14 different regions which all have a level min/max. You have the option of choosing between 5 different classes: Enchantress, Archer, Ranger, Paladin, and Warriors.

     iTunes rating: 4.5 / 5
     Play Store Rating: 4.5 / 5

Chaos Fighters (Free)

     Play Store
     Developer: Coco Entertainment International
     Size: 4.9MB / 3.4MB
     Version: 3.4
     Android: 2.2 or later 
     iOS: 5.0 or later 

     One of the more addicting anime style RPG games is Chaos Fighters. I've made it up to level 50 and recommend you fast forward the fights, otherwise you're going to be bored watching a slow-mo battler. I feel like there's still so much more to do but tend to spend most of my time trying to improve my character by upgrading my weapon + equipment for the style of character I use. Each character has an element special which gives you a bonus % in those skills. You can unlock up to 6 skill slots. As you level you unlock another random skill up until they're all unlocked for you to choose.You'll get 5 sets of skills that will give you a bonus, so it's best to chose a character that can benefit from that bonus, or just pay to roll for 5 random ones.  PvP in the arena is fun as well, I suggest practicing your skill combinations against your mercenaries before wasting your daily challenge chances.

     iTunes Rating: 4 / 5 
     Play Store Rating:  4 / 5

Wind Runner (Free)

     Play Store
     Developer: LINE Corporation
     Size: 38MB / 53.2 MB
     Version: 2.2.10 / 1.70
     Android: 2.2 or later 
     iOS: 4.3 or later 

     This game I believe was originally released in Korea but glad that you can get it in English haha. Wind Runner is an endless running game (no end) that requires you to collect stars in order to get a higher score. You upgrade your character / mount / pets to get bonuses to help you achieve that goal. All of these could be obtained by collecting coins for every race. The pets are unlocked using rubies which you can obtain from being in the top 3 in the world ranking or through in app purchase. You summon pets and combine same ranked to improve them and eventually get a gold and a really nice boost. Kylie is a good character to use because you get a 300 m boost at the start of the race. The game is a lot better if you play against friends for the top spot in the friend weekly ranking. I think up until you get passed up. 

     Play Store Rating: 4.2 / 5
     iTunes Rating: 4.5 / 5 

All of these games have been consuming a lot of my free time. I would really recommend playing these games more than once or more than just a couple hours. So what do you think? Have you guys played any of these games? If so what did or didn't you like?

 Comment below! :)