Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Start your week playing one of these free games!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I've been really enjoying these games this past week and I hope you guys do too! All of the games are ... thumbnail 1 summary
Hope everyone had a good weekend! I've been really enjoying these games this past week and I hope you guys do too! All of the games are FREE to download, just click on the link's provided for your app store. Let me know what you'd rate em!

Plants V Zombies 2 (Free)

Size: 478MB / 46.9 MB
Version: 2.9.1 
Required Android: 2.3 or Later
Required iOS:  5.1.1 or Later

Alas I've never played the first Plants Versus Zombies but game number 2 has been a lot of fun. Basically it's a strategy defense type of game. You start off on one side of the board with 5 rows to build up your defense. You'll use sun flowers to produce the resources required to plant your defenders and try to stop the oncoming wave of zombie attack. The game can get out of hand pretty quickly once you start getting to the higher levels. There are all sorts of different type of plants to help you save the world from zombies! P.S. You also have a last line of defense in case the zombies begin to get to close to home, you have a lawn mower that will do damage to everything in that row! Make sure the zombies don't have a chance to reach your last line of defense. Overall I think I played up until like level 15 or so before trying other games. I would personally give this game a 4.5/5! No complaints, I enjoyed myself!

App Store Rating: 4.2 / 4.5

Castle Clash (Free)

Developer: IGG
Google Play
Size: 55MB / 58.2 MB
Version: 1.2.58 /  1.3.5
Required Android: 2.3 or Later
Required iOS: 5.1 or Later

I definitely think that this game got a lot of it's ideas from Clash of Clans! I originally played that game but found that it was taking WAY to long for my 2 workers to complete upgrades before being able to move any more forward. I do like that you have Hero's at your command to assist your army to victory! That's a big plus and you can use weaker hero's to consume and strengthen your main hero's. Each hero has their own personal fighting style so it'll require some strategy to carefully win. You also get to use spells to weaken the enemy defense before kicking some butt. I would rate this game higher than I would Clash of clans, I'd give this game 4.0 / 5.

App Store Rating: 4.6 / 4.5

Brave Frontier (Free)

Developer: Gumi
Google Play
Size: 40.32 MB (total 300MB free space required) / 72.7 MB
Version: 1.2.0
Required Android:  N/A
Required iOS: 5.1 or Later

Battle Frontier is a pretty descent RPG for mobile gaming. You travel the world of  Grand Gaia with your unit of  up to 6 different elements. You have your choice of Water, Fire, Earth, Thunder, Light, and Dark. Each element has their own weakness so again you'll have to create the perfect balanced team. You fight through different dungeons filled with different stages / bosses in order to defend the land from Darkness! Each individual unit consist of a normal attack as well as  a special attack, some unit may have the ability to attack, protect, and heal. The best way to level up is by doing the event dungeons and using high level units to level up your main squad. I have yet to post about a game I've been uninterested in, I'd have to give this 4.0 / 5.

Rating: 4.6 / 4.5

No complaints with the game but I slowly grow tire of the repetition with a lot of these games. So playing new games every week is a blast. I do hope that these little post provide some insight before downloading a game. My goal is to spread the love for games and hopefully inspire people to try games outside of their comfort level. I know I am going to start doing that more often and you'll be seeing it on here!

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