Monday, November 17, 2014

Free Mobile Gaming

Dumb Ways to Die (Free) Google Play iTunes Developer: Metro Trains Melbourne Size: 39.96MB / 38.9 MB Version: 1.6... thumbnail 1 summary
Dumb Ways to Die (Free)

Google Play
Developer: Metro Trains Melbourne
Size: 39.96MB / 38.9 MB
Version: 1.6
Required Android: 2.2 or Later
Required iOS: 4.3 or Later

The game was originally released as an app for iOS in May of 2013 and later that year in September it was released for android. This is a single player puzzle style type of game. Your objective is to avoid dying in the varies dumb ways provided by the game within a certain time limit. Gradually the game itself will speed up and you'll have to speed it up while avoiding to lose 3 lives. The video was originally designed to be a public service announcement to help promote rail safety. There is supposed to be a Dumb Ways to Die 2 The Games November of this year but as of yet I haven't seen anything for it. Overall I'd give this game a 4/4, it's fun and entertaining, the more times you play and beat your score, the more characters you'll unlock in the home screen; You'll also get to unlock the video (same one as posted above) once you get a high enough score.

Rating: 4.3 / 5

Fantasy Warlords (Free)

Developer: Gamevil
Size: 32 MB 
Version: 1.2.2  
Required Android: 2.3 or Later
Required iOS: 5.0 or Later

There are many other mobile RPG's that have similar playing style. A big one that I played in the early facebook games days was Mobsters/Gang Wars. The objective of this game is to create the perfect team of guardians in order to battle world bosses and get a higher score on the rankings. You first start by picking out your class; Fighter, Ranger, and Tycoon. After you choose your class you'll be able to choose from 4 different types of guardians to complete your missions. Some are required for specific missions but you get to choose from; Human, Demon, God, and Gaia. You can increase their strength by combining guardians. You can click on this link to the combination chart on gamevil forums.  I was not immediately addicted but after a while of playing I found time was flying while I completed missions and combined my guardians, overall I'd give this game 4/5.

Rating: 4.2 / 5

LOTR Legends (Free)

Developer: Kabam 
Size: 120MB / 94.6 MB 
Version: 1.1.1 
Required Android: 2.3.3 or Later
Required iOS: 6.0 or Later

The Lord of The Rings Franchise has always been popular and only continues to grow. This is a Free to play character collection type of game. You collect different characters throughout your adventure. Strengthen your fellowship by combing same characters by evolving them in order to increase your stats as well as destroying the orcs and other evil enemies. You'll see how your fellowship ranks by the grade on the top of your screen and increase your characters stats by purchasing armor/weapons. The game is HD and shouldn't have any problem running smooth on any device because of the simplicity of game play. This wasn't on my top favorites but I still enjoyed it and would give this 3.5 / 5.

App Store Rating: 3.8 / 5