Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Games!

Christmas time!! Dr. Panda's Christmas Bus Santa Rider - Racing Game Train Crisis Christmas Slingshot S... thumbnail 1 summary
Christmas time!!
Dr. Panda's Christmas Bus
Santa Rider - Racing Game
Train Crisis Christmas
Slingshot Santa - Free
Cupcake Mania Christmas

Dr. Panda's Christmas Bus (FREE / $2.99)

Developer: Dr. Panda Games
Size: 32MB / 78.4MB
Version: 1.01 / 1.2
Required Android: or Later
Required iOS: 6.0 or Later
In-App Purchase? No
App Store Rating: 4.0 Google play
App Store Rating: 4.5 iTunes

This game is probably 95% for toddlers. It's a pretty simple concept, you drive around as Dr. Panda picking up / dropping off all of your friends. You can wash your car and fill up on gas. I think one of the best things you can do to games for kids is have NO In-App purchase. It's all 100% free for android. If you are running on iOS you will be paying $2.99 for the game.

Santa Rider - Racing Game (FREE)

Developer: aceviral
Size: 6.8MB
Required Android: 2.2 or Later
In-App Purchase? Yes
Google Play Rating: 3.8

For some reason I couldn't really find any 'amazingly fun' Christmas games, most games will just release a Christmas type of patch to change the theme for the month. This game reminded me of the ATV Off Road game I used to play on my uncles PlayStation 2. In order to get more air you need to hold down then up right before lifting off. I managed to kill sometimes but it wasn't one of the games I found myself constantly going back to play.

Train Crisis Christmas (Free / $0.99)

Developer: U-Play Onloine
Size: 31MB / 49.4 MB
Version: 1.1.4 / 1.0
Required Android: 2.33 or Later
Required iOS: 4.3 or Later
In-App Purchase? Yes
Google Play Rating: 3.8
iTunes Rating: 4.0

It's Christmas and Santa needs your help! Help correct the train tacks before Santa's train runs off the track without delivering all the presents. You'll need to turn the tracks as the train comes and remember to turn them back if the train is coming back. This is a fun holiday puzzle type of game that kids will enjoy to play. You can score this game for free on Google Play or if you are running iOS you'll cough up $0.99 for this game.

Slingshot Santa (FREE)

Developer: Underwater Apps
Size: 11MB
Version: 2.0
Required Android: 1.6 or Later

This puzzle game was a little more fun than the previous games. You'll have to overcome obstacles in order to come down the chimney on time to deliver the presents to all! A lot of people have compared this game to Angry Birds and although it seems true and still doesn't replace the fact that this is SANTA!

Cupcake Mania Christmas (FREE)

Developer: Teamlava Game
Size: 48MB / 62.7 MB
Version: / 1.3.8
Required Android: 2.3 or Later
Required iOS: 5.0 or Later
In-App Purchase? Yes
Google Play Rating: 4.2

This game has a lot of similarities to Candy Crush. I know I went through a candy crush phase playing that thing non-stop when it first came out. There are a lot of different qualities to this game that make it stand out compared to Candy Crush Saga. Linking multiple similar types of pastries will give you different types of effects that make stalking up points easy as pie.