Monday, December 1, 2014

Installing Custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I don't know about you.. but I for one LOVE Pizza, so this game really hit me hard. Spread the mold on the pizza and destr... thumbnail 1 summary
I don't know about you.. but I for one LOVE Pizza, so this game really hit me hard. Spread the mold on the pizza and destroy those pesky preservative.

Installing Custom ROM

Hey Ya'll!

I've been running this ROM for a while now and I must say the battery life is amazing! Therefore I decided that I'd share a quick 'how to' flash this rom to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I do want to emphasize that this is for the purpose of having root access to your device for customization only. I think if you enjoy an app enough you should pay for it because games usually range from $0.99 - 2.99.

Please make sure to make back ups. Back ups are SUPER Important.

**I take no responsibility to what happens to your device, I was successful with the following steps**

Before you can start flashing different roms on your device you first need to gain root access. You want to make sure that your Baseband /Modem version is ' N910TUVU1ANJ7 '. If it is not make sure that you download the latest update or you can manually download it from here. Click on this LINK for original instructions on rooting your phone.

After you have rooted your device you'll need to install a custom recovery in order to be able to flash roms.

You can thank TeamWin for the custom recovery that allowed the many great developers to create the roms for many different devices. In order to confirm that this process has been successful you will turn your phone off, hold Volume Up + Power + Home Button, when the phone screen lights up let go of the Power Button ONLY.

Skip step 1 if your device drivers are already installed on your computer

1. Download the appropriate zip file for your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 right here 

2. Open Odin and select "AP" and select the zip you just downloaded.

3.  Turn your devices off and reboot in download mode, to do this you must hold the Volume Down + Power + Home button at the same time and push the volume button to continue.

4.  Connect your device back to the computer and wait for Odin to register.

5. Make sure the option for re-partition is not marked. I repeat, before you click start make sure re-partition is NOT marked.

6. Click the start button and wait for the device to run it's course.

If everything went right then you are ready to install custom roms! This particular ROM has been amazing and I have no 0 problems with it. My battery life is great! Of course I don't spend EVERY second on my device, but I do spend a lot of time playing games.Thank you Mega for all your hard work.

This ROM is for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4

After you have downloaded the zip file cut/copy to your phone/SD Card storage. Go into Recovery Mode (holding Volume Up + Power + Home button) and Wipe. You always want to have a clean installation of custom roms in order to avoid any issues. You'll then click on Install, choose your rom and wait for your new rom to be installed.

It is important that after your phone reboots you wait at least 10-15 minutes then reboot to allow for the back ground  process to be completed. You'll then start the process of signing into accounts and downloading your apps. It'll usually take a few days for your rom to kinda sink in and run at 100%.

If you have any issues / questions please feel free to comment! Thank you to all the developers who work hard and making this simple / smooth. I take no credit for creation of any programs / software, I just posting steps on how to do this.